You created a structured Serve project!

Views & Layouts
Your views are stored in the views folder. Coming from a page-based scripting language like PHP? Views are just like regular pages. The main layout file for this project is stored in layouts/default.
Stylesheets, Sass & Compass
This project is pre-configured for Sass and Compass. Store your sass and scss files in the root stylesheets folder. Sass stylesheets will be automatically compiled to CSS and stored in public/stylesheets.
Static Assets
Static assets like images, javascripts, and downloads are stored in the public folder. Put files here that don’t need special processing by Serve.
Other Template Languages

If you are interested in using Serve with other template languages like Haml, Slim, Markdown, or Textile, remember to edit the project Gemfile to include the appropriate gems. Then use Bundler to install them.